Saturday, November 19, 2011

So Thanksgiving is in a few days and I have invited my family to come here for dinner well it seems my mom is the only one that might come yeah I said might she still isn't sure and I have been telling them all I would host again this year since last year went well or at least I thought it did. I understand that Denise has a family dinner with her new guy but mom really hurts my feelings she retired in Sept and had said she was going to visit more well the only time I've seen her since she retired is the day I picked her up and drove her to the social security department to give them some info they needed. She has gone to Denise's at least every other week. I know Denise is her favorite and all but she could try a little harder to not make it so damn obvious. Some days it feels like the only person that would miss me if I just disappeared is Shelby and she would only miss the fact that I'm not here changing her feeding her and giving her meds. I try so hard to make everyone happy and not rock the boat but I'm so sick of being pushed around and made to feel invisible the only time any family calls me is if they need something. For the first couple of weeks after mom retired she called me almost every day and now she doesn't call unless she realizes we haven't talked in like 2 weeks it's like I'm just an afterthought. *Sigh* I wish life was simple it just isn't I guess I'm done venting for now.

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Yet another day with this damn headache I'm starting to wonder if it will ever stop it's not as bad as yesterday just kind of a nagging pain at the moment but that could change at any moment.

Thank goodness my husband got paid and since it's direct deposit we could access it this morning and that is a super good thing seeing as his truck ran out of gas when he got to the driveway last night.

Justin got up this morning and is splitting some fire wood for the fireplace so we can use it instead of running the power bill up so high I'll keep the temperature set around 68 F and hopefully that will help keep the power bill at least a bit lower.

Kayla finally got a job I'm so glad and I hear she likes it pretty good. 

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

I have had a headache for 3 days and I know it's a combination of stress and this weather we have been having but if the stress doesn't calm down I'm never gonna get rid of this damn headache. As some of you know my son Justin who is 19 now moved back in with us and when he moved back in his cousin Daniel moved in also. Well things have been a lot harder since the boys moved in all the bills have increased and Justin isn't working hell he isn't even looking for a job he isn't even pretending to be looking for a fucking job. Daniel just got a job this is his second week but I have already overheard them talking and it sounds like he is thinking of quitting his job already WTF. Daniel is 19 just a few months younger than Justin and he has an 18 month old son and a baby girl on the way (both with the same mom thank goodness) but he needs this job he needs to get up the money to get a house with his wife yeah they got married 2 weeks ago and he lives here she lives with her mom seriously I am in redneck hell. I'm also sick of going to get something and it not be where I put it most of the time it's just gone and I can't find it anywhere they took Ryan's $5.00 his grandparents gave him for his birthday and lied about it but they are the only ones that could have taken it.

My husband almost lost his job yesterday over some stupid $10.00 windshield wipers. He bought a truck from his cousin this summer and at one point asked his boss about wipers and his boss did up a quote well he didn't buy them. They have an auditor that comes in and checks out everything every so often well the auditor came yesterday and he had to pull his truck into the shop so the auditor can check and make sure there aren't any parts from the shop on his truck that haven't been paid for well the truck had a set of wipers on it that are the same name brand the store sells and there were 2 of that size and type of wiper missing from inventory. Now because of the quote this looks bad they even called his cousin to ask him what type of wipers were on the truck when he sold it to Rod and he had no idea so it looked bad really really bad. Thank god they aren't going to fire him over it but they could have.

Again I say all I want for Christmas is some peace of mind!

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Monday, November 14, 2011

It's Monday again and Ryan has a doctor's appointment at 1:00 for his ear. Shel didn't go to school today either cus she just can't keep her eyes open with all the seizure meds she is on it's kinda sad she is missing out on so much.

I have got to get out of this funk. I am sick of feeling stressed and not being my happy-go-lucky self I totally hate feeling down in the dumps. Lets see some good things that happened this weekend ummmmm I read to the kids every day and they liked the books we read. I got to talk with my friend Anna for a few minutes. Even though things have been stressful the fussing has not been so bad the past few days. Well it seems there are things to bring the mood up :) My goal this week is to see the positive in each day.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

I can not believe we are almost at thanksgiving it seems like yesterday we were celebrating new years. I am soooo not ready for the holidays I have not been in the mood for regular days much less holidays. Most days I'm just sick of having so many people in my house it would be good with me if it were back to Just Rod Shel Ryan and me. I love Justin don't get me wrong and Daniel isn't a bad kid but having them here stresses me much more than I would like not just because of the financial burden having 2 teen boys in the house brings but also because they don't want to help around the house and if I ask them too it's always a fuss, they don't come home some nights til between 1 and 3 am and that is getting really old. They were told to be here by 11pm or they would not be able to come in and Rod keeps letting them in anyway so of course they see the curfew as eh we'll be there when we get there and dad will let us in. If I had the money I'd tell all 3 of them to go get a place together and leave me Shel and Ryan alone lol.

I am also getting to the point I'm ready to change CNA's for Shel I am feeling a bit used by the one she has now but part of that is my fault.

I am stressed over Shel's seizures also she has been having problems and is now on 3 different seizure meds and after school all she wants to do is sleep and sleeping that much can not be good for her.

All I want for Christmas is some peace of mind.

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Poor Ryan has another ear ache and the weird part is that he really didn't get that many ear aches as a baby or toddler and now 2 in a few weeks.

Shelby's birthday is coming soon she will be 11 years old wow that is so hard to believe she is almost a teenager and it seems like yesterday she was a baby.

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Friday, November 11, 2011

It's cold this morning ugh. I really don't like the cold weather it makes me hurt. At least I'm not feeling like crying every other second today. I have no idea what was wrong with me yesterday it was one of those days where I just felt teary all day for no real reason. There was no school today which is good Shel is still sleeping she needs the rest. Kayla started her new job and seems to be liking it so far. Now just to get Justin off his ass and working.

I think I am going to start working on my cross stitch again I don't like just sitting around with nothing to do. I started a really pretty one and I think I'm going to work on it in a bit.

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