Saturday, October 14, 2006

It is getting cold and the leaves are falling everyone is going to the mountains and here I sit all warm in my house not wanting to go out for any reason because I hate the cold. I am so ready for Halloween though I just love getting the kids all dressed up and take them out. Although my older kids don't really want to go with us anymore they would rather go out with their friends instead.

I am not in the mood for Christmas I hate the holidays I never have the money to buy the things I would love to give to the people that mean so much to me not to mention emotionally I hate the holidays because CJ's birthday is Dec.9 and I really just don't like the month of December at all since he died. I hate thanksgiving because we have to go from one house to another to another and sometimes I would just like to stay the hell home thanks. It also never fails that someone in my family is always fighting at the holidays and they always try to pull me in the middle of their shit and I just can't stand that. So can we just skip over all that this year I'm just not in the mood.

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